Welcome to Nomad Marine Kits by Schwetz Design.

Located in Fremantle, Western Australia, and staffed by experienced engineers and naval architects, we specialise in the design of both aluminium commercial and recreational boats. We have been designing boats professionally for 16 years. Our hull designs have evolved over the years, with recent designs winning the Australian Boat of the year.

All of our boat designs are available in kit form which means we can supply the aluminium parts in a flat pack and ship them anywhere in the world. We supply to professional boat builders and the amateur boat builder.

The aluminium parts that form our boats are all generated from 3D computer models of each vessel. The parts are router cut and pen marked ready for assembly, and are then flat packed on pallets to be shipped by express commercial freight, internationally and locally through out Australia. We cut and ship our kits from Brisbane, Tasmania and Perth and Singapore. Building our boats can be compared to assembling a large 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Our updated website is presented in several sections, detailing our recreational boat designs, commercial boat designs and general engineering design.


To view our range of commercial kit boat designs (over 12m in length) visit our sister website